November 1, 2014

Nathan Sykes in Mexico

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Nathan just got back from a 5 day trip doing shows in Mexico and Indiana, no doubt it was a crazy time. Here are a few photos Nathan sent through…




October 31, 2014

Alex Hiam update

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Yo Guys !

As you guys may know I am currently off the bike injured recovering from wrist surgery. It’s getting close now to The new year when I can ride again, Im starting to count the days down! I can finally take my wrist splint off now and have been doing a bunch of exercises every hour to get the range of motion back in my wrist. I start strengthening next week when I get a little more movement happening , then I can start Physio after that!

I have been going to the gym everyday and skating here & there. It’s good to get out in the sun and to hang out at the skatepark again. Just keeping it chill on the skateboard just because I do not want to fall on my wrist again. Thanks to Primary Threads for the board they sent me.

It’s getting super hot in Brisbane lately and it’s not even summer yet. But I’m loving the heat!

Keep up to date on my Instagram @alexhiam



October 30, 2014

Andre Jesus video

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Big tricks… That’s the best way to describe Andre‘s riding and this video. Some really wild moves throughout this, loved the flair transfer. Thanks to Subvertmedia for the video.

October 28, 2014

Luke Parker & Andre Jesus poster

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As you may have seen we’ve got 5 double sided posters out now available from most places that stock the goods! Here is one of the posters you could pick up for free. Luke Parker from Australia and Andre Jesus all the way from Brazil. Get down to your local or hit up your favourite mail order now and have one added in your order.



October 27, 2014

Product highlight – Wasp Hubs

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Our Wasp Hubs have fast become a favourite with many riders out there. Clean simple looks, fast rolling, direct engagement & the cassette sound that many desire. We now offer them in a range of colours including Black, Red, Purple, Polished & of course the ever popular Rainbow. We also offer them pre-built into complete wheels sets right off the shelf. Check them out now.






Yo yo !!

October 25, 2014

Flemington Banks Jam

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We are supporting this years Flemington Banks Jam, save the date and head down for a good session in Melbourne on the 15th of November.

flem banks 2014 jam FIN

October 24, 2014

Brandon back in Vancouver.

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Brandon just moved back to Vancouver and has been filming for the Kill Em All Distro DVD that is coming out next year. Loving this shot by Dave Butler as Hastings which is Brandon’s local right now so if you ever head there be sure to say hi and give him a big hug for me.


October 23, 2014

Instagram giveaway

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We’ve teamed up with Pusher BMX for the latest giveaway via Instagram. Head over to either our Instagram (@colonybmxbrand) or Pusher’s (@pusher_bmx) and follow the details on how to win the goods.

pusher instagram promo

October 22, 2014

Bobbie Altiser video

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In my eyes, Bobbie is one of the most entertaining riders to watch and film, This video was basically filmed over two weeks. One week in California back in March then another week in September when we tripped up to Utah. I honestly don’t think this song could be used for anyone but Bobbie but i feel it works really well. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it with Bob…

October 21, 2014

Bobbie Altiser bike check

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Bobbie Altiser set-up a new Prody Frame this week with a swag of all our newest parts. Loving the classic look of Gloss Black with Chrome. Check it out below.





October 20, 2014

Zac Miner’s backyard

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So It’s everyone’s dream to have a set of trails or a sick ramp in their backyard and this bad boys been sitting in my backyard for a couple of months now. It’s at about the half way point, with one layer of ply on the whole thing. it looks amazing, I can’t wait to having this thing rolling. But money’s the issue. I’m kinda throwing out a helping hand to anyone that knows a builder around the Canberra area or that can get 20 sheets of ply real cheap. So I can have this thing all finished up for these warmer months. Hit me up on a FB message if anyone can help. I’ll throw in a whole box of goodies if you can help my dream wrap up a little quicker. Thanks guys

photo 1

photo 2

October 17, 2014

Browns Plains Grand Opening Event

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Even though it’s been open for a while now, tomorrow is set for the official grand opening event complete with BMX comp, live entertainment & much more. We’ve supported it with prizes & should be a great day for all.


Yo yo !!

Down Under Ground Rd 2

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Round 2 of the Down Under Ground flatland series is a video round. So get out there & film your own 2 min run & get it entered. Click here for full info on the BMX Flatland Australia website for full details.

Downunderground round 2 - the video round 2014

Yo yo !!

Milosz Siajkowski – Welcome to Etnies

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Milosz recently got hooked up by Etnies and for his welcome video he has gone and destroyed the mellow Park in Berlin. This has been shot and cut really well by Mateusz Kanownik.

October 16, 2014

Halloween Jam in Sydney

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We are helping out with some product for prizes at this years Halloween Jam in Sydney, even if you don’t live in Sydney you should try and make the trip as it’s always a really good day.

Halloween Jam 2014 v1

Shane Badman update

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Hey guys, daylight saving has arrived which means more riding time. Stoked. Got a busy month or so coming up with some demos at the T20 and heading to Japan next week for a riding trip with a bunch of rowdy BMXers… good times ahead. I also did a interview with BMXflatlandAustralia in their Who’s Downunder series. You can check it out here.


Shane Badman_water tank | Photo by Andras Pentek

Photos by Andras Pentek.

October 15, 2014

Jack Kelly – Welcome to Pro video

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This video has been in the works for quite some time which I think you can tell that from the finished product. Jack absolutely killed it and we wanted to tie in the video release with the news of welcoming him to the pro team. So here it is, enjoy!

October 14, 2014

Jourdan Barba round 1

Filed under: Barba — Cooper @ 1:26 am

Jourdan came 4th at the Vital BMX game of bike, here is the video from round One…

Jourdan Barba vs Sean Morr – More BMX Videos

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