April 1, 2015

Product highlight – Neon Green Frame & Fork Kits

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Our last limited edition colour of frame, fork, stem & headset kits for the 2015 season, is Neon Green. Only 2 of each of these were made for the planet. One of each being available in Australia now & the other one of each model, in the USA in a couple weeks. Jump to it fast if you want some brightness in your life.





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March 31, 2015

Product highlight – Much Room Grips new colours

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We’ve just landed in Australia some new colours of our Much Room Grips. You can now get Neon Pink, Neon Yellow Storm & Technicolour, a mix of Neon Pink, Neon Yellow & Neon Orange. Available now in bike shops Australia wide & in the USA in the next few weeks. The rest of the planet will have to wait till August.




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March 29, 2015

R.I.P Sam Tormey

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You may have seen the jam that was put on a week or so ago for Melbourne rider Sam Tormey, unfortunately Sam passed away yesterday from cancer. On behalf of everyone at Colony we wish Sam’s family and friends all the best through this tough time, we will always remember you mate…


March 27, 2015

The Package 1

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The Package series from Focalpoint is back and Cooper just released the first mixtape which also features clips of Jack, Luke, Marnold and Mick. Check it out and be on the lookout for more videos in the future.

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March 26, 2015

Jack Kelly update

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The last month or so I’ve been riding a fair bit of park around Melbourne while Cooper is away, and looking for new street spots and ideas to film for my next web video. The new colony Monash prototype frame has been amazing, really strong and the geometry is perfect.

I also managed to film a few instagram videos, if you don’t already you can follow me on instagram @killjack to see more of the quick clips I post. peace!

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

March 24, 2015

Product highlight – 2016 Colony Eclipse 24″

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It’s been on the cards for a while now but it’s finally out. Our first ever 24″ cruiser in the form of the 2016 Colony Eclipse. It’s also the first of our range of 2016 bikes to arrive.

Featuring a full CrMo frame, fork, bars & crank set along with everything sealed & double wall rims. It has BMX like geometry making it feel like a slightly larger 20″ BMX bike. It’s based off our ever popular Premise complete bike, just scaled up.

Check them out here in more detail & available at dealers world wide now or in the coming weeks in some markets, like the USA.

Cruiser - Eclipse - Side

Cruiser eclipse Wheel

Cruiser eclipse Angle

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March 21, 2015

Ryan Winterbotham update

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Ryan sent over this awesome photo from a local park over in the UK. Keep an eye out for Ryan over in the states in the coming months as he heads to Florida at the end of April and then drives all the way to California with some of his friends…

Thanks to Clem hencher-Stevens for the image.


March 20, 2015

Alex Hiam update

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Hey Guys,

I am back riding everyday now , feeling healthy and strong. So motivated to ride as much as I can.

Myself & Troy Charlesworth have been busy working on a new edit hitting all parks around Brisbane. Troy’s also filming separate videos with Boyd Hilder & Jason Wattz aswell, there all such good dudes.

The past week Ryan Guettler has been staying at my place. It’s been awesome having him here, never a dull momemt. the night he flew in, We drove to Alexander Headlands skatepark with Boyd & jason, Booked a hotel and woke up at 4:20 and shot the sunrise of the halfpipe on the beach. check all the photo’s below.

I just got back from the Fox Breaking Boundaries Tour. We flew to melbourne, Sydney & Goldcoast all in 5 days. At all stops there was a Fox Demo, signing, meet & great with the Fox BMX team. Was amazing how many kids were at these events riding there hearts out. Was a good feeling to give back to the younger riders. At Melbourne, Moomba festival, Me & Ryan got picked to feature on Australia wide national TV on Channel 10 for 30secs which was cool. So stoked I got to be apart of such a fun trip. I’ll never forget this one. Was great to hang with the rest of the Fox crew. On the trip, I took a little slam and got a real hip bruiser now, So for the next week I have to stay of the bike & let this minor injurie heal

Also Shout out to Wahoo Taco’s for the amazing taco’s the other day,,, Always looking after the Bmx’rs !

_5 (1 of 1)

_brew (1 of 1)

_sydney  (1 of 1)

sunset whipair (1 of 1)

wahoo's aticker (1 of 1)

March 19, 2015

Mick Bayzand update

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Hey Guys, I am currently going through all my clips I have filmed from some past trips and in between injury’s to put out soon. Also I am in the works of filming some new stuff witch is all going well.

I also recently went on a road trip with my girlfriend down the Great Ocean road to Adelaide which was a lot of fun. As always I’ve been riding the local (Prahran) a lot getting my jib game on so if your in the area come have a roll. Be on the look out for some web edits insta vids and pics soon.

Till then keep shredding.



March 18, 2015

More from the trip

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I’ve been over here in California for 3 weeks now filming and shooting photos. Here are a few random shots from the past week or so…







March 15, 2015

Stacked BMX shop stop

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Massive thanks to the guys at Stacked and everyone that made the trip out for the session at the shop and then onto the spots. The locals were sending it at the spots which made the vibe extra special. Lets do it again…









March 14, 2015

Attila Godi update

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Check out this bike shop team video that Attila sent over for Elite BMX Shop over in Hungary along with a few photos (and video) from an indoor spot the guys built up over there in the back of a bike shop.



March 13, 2015

Fresno Jam

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So we’ve just got back from our Fresno trip which was a blast and I can’t thank the local crew enough for making it a blast. The jam at the Fresno park exceeded my expectations so thanks to all the riders that came out, Ryan and Andre’s for holding it down on the day along with cooking up a feed for everyone. Also to Chris Bracamonte for organising it and being on the MIC all day. Here are a few images from the day…






Shop stop & street ride @ Stacked

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This Saturday some of the crew will be out at Stacked BMX Shop in Riverside, CA and then out for a roll with everyone. Make sure you come out for a session…

stacked jam v2

March 11, 2015

Tom Stretton checks in…

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Read on below for what Tom Stretton has been up too…

Hey guys just letting you all know what I’ve been up to.

Lately I’ve been working a bunch and riding when I can. Loving it so much down here in Melbourne. Everyone is sweet and I’m having the best time.

Last weekend I went to the Eat Children Crew DIY spot, jam. It was a blast. The Adelaide crew is seriously one of the sickest scenes around and I thank them so much for their hospitality and hard work on that ghetto set up. #fuckmurraybridgecouncil

This weekend there was Sam Tormey’s jam out at Morwell. Sam is a young local down here who has been battling a rare type of Bone Cancer. It’s such a shit thing but it was great to see all the riders that came out and showed support. It was also great to see you and say g’day Sam. Hope you had a ripper day brother. f#ckcancer

Also, I just got a new frame in the mail and I’d like to thank boss man Millar as always. I continued by taking paint stripper to it immediately and then to the rest of my bike hahaha. I love it. Let me know what you guys think.




March 10, 2015

Josh Dove

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Josh Dove is one of our up and coming young rippers on flow in Australia & he kills it. He has been riding heaps of late with Chris Courtenay & making everything look way too easy on his 2015 Sweet Tooth 18″ bike. Keep an eye out for Josh, as his passion for BMX is strong. Expect to see a lot more of him in the years to come.




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March 7, 2015

California update

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We’ve been out on some great missions this past week, here are a few photos from the days out…




coop tooth pool cali

Chris Courtenay update

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Hey Guys,

I’ve been keeping busy as of late trying to finish up a filming project I’ve had going on for the past 6 months can’t wait to show you guys the end result. Apart from that, treated myself to a holiday up to Cairns for a week which is always a treat up there, such an amazing part of QLD. Anyways here are a couple photos from the past few weeks plus one of my fresh 2016 Sweettooth setup which feels amazing too. Holla




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