March 7, 2015

California update

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We’ve been out on some great missions this past week, here are a few photos from the days out…




coop tooth pool cali

Chris Courtenay update

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Hey Guys,

I’ve been keeping busy as of late trying to finish up a filming project I’ve had going on for the past 6 months can’t wait to show you guys the end result. Apart from that, treated myself to a holiday up to Cairns for a week which is always a treat up there, such an amazing part of QLD. Anyways here are a couple photos from the past few weeks plus one of my fresh 2016 Sweettooth setup which feels amazing too. Holla




March 6, 2015

Fresno Jam tomorrow

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We are hitting up a session down in Fresno, CA tomorrow. Looking forward to hanging out with the locals and just the trip in general. Make sure you guys get out there if you are anywhere near Fresno.


March 5, 2015

Luke Parker – Local Lines

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Luke Parker hits up 3 of his local parks in this new video packed full of large transfers and technical moves. Enjoy…

Nathan Sykes update

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February has been a good month! Back on the bike and getting back into the flow of things. Shoulder is starting to feel a lot better. Still not fully healed but good enough to be back riding, which I’m im super excited about. Doctor said it could take a few more months for it to be 100% Also just worked out a order with Dans Comp for some Locals Only clothing. Really excited to be working with them and to see how things go!



March 4, 2015


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The ECC Jam in Adelaide went down last weekend and from the photos I’ve been seeing it looked like a blast. Thanks to Dave Rubinich we have a couple photos of Ricky and Tom from the day…




March 3, 2015

Michal Mycek bike check

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Michal Mycek one of our riders in Poland, just built up a fresh new ride around one of our new prototype Colony Monash street frames for 2016. Thanks to the guys at Ave BMX in Poland. Check it out below.

Frame : Colony 2016 Monash prototype street frame 21″ with 9″ standover (our August, 2015)
Fork : Colony Guardian
Headset : Colony
Stem : Colony Squareback
Bars : Colony Twenty Four Seven
Cranks : Colony 22’s
Sprocket : Colony CC 25T
BB : Colony
Pedals : Colony Fantastic Plastic
Seat : Colony Fat Shield pivotal
Seat Post : Colony pivotal
Rims : Colony Contour
Spokes : Colony
Front hub : Colony Wasp with Colony Hubguard
Rear Hub : Colony Freecoaster with Colony Hubguard








Yo yo !!

March 2, 2015

#oldmentrip in New Zealand

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I just got back from the second #oldmentrip over in New Zealand with some good long term mates from over there. Kenny Raggett also came along which was awesome. We travelled around a fair chunk of the South Island & had a blast on & off the bikes. We rode so much awesome stuff, explored, & basically enjoyed life on the road. Looking forward to the next one already. Check out some of my pics taken a long the way. Thanks to Dave, Phil, Jonno, Mario, Bruce & Kenny for an awesome week. Good times !! – Millar.








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March 1, 2015

More from California…

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Today was another really fun day, we rode some fun unique spots and had a blast doing so…



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




February 28, 2015

Hot Springs

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Polly and I landed in California yesterday with the plan of making the most of everyday we are here. So we met up with Nathan and his good friend Matt Cordova along with Jourdan and we trekked down to the Palm Springs area, this place has some fun parks which we spent the entire day hitting up and enjoying the nice weather.

Here are a few shots from the day…




February 26, 2015

Polly video

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Our good friend Polly spent some time filming with Cooper Brownlee to put together this video filled with technical front brake moves.

Yo yo !!

Jack Kelly bike check

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JK has a bike check over on the DATA BMX website. Click this link to check it out…


February 25, 2015


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Over on the Focalpoint website there is a photo gallery shot by Cooper which among others features Zac, Marnold, Luke Parker and Shane Badman. You can view all the images right here.



Yo yo !!

February 24, 2015

Shuhei Max Azuma

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Shuhei sent through some raw clips he recently filmed. Loved the ice to 180 on the rock…

February 23, 2015

Alex Hiam update

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Hey Guys,

I am finally back riding!! I’m feeling really good on my bike, I feel like I never even stopped riding and have been surrounded by nothing but good vibes, thanks to my friends for making riding so fun.

I have been testing out my new Colony signature bars, forks and frame. So stoked with how it all feels, Super strong and responsive.

I have been filming a lot for some new projects coming soon. So psyched with the clips.

My wrist is still not 100%, and I can’t ride two days in a row yet. It’s just way to sore and blown out the next day. It’s all part of the recovery the docs say. research TFCC repair if your interested in why it takes so long. So the days my wrist is to sore to ride, I have been keeping busy and going out and shooting a lot of photos and exploring, making the most of a bad situation.. Photography helps to see the good in everything. Photography Insta to see more pics: limel1ght

Fox flew me to Melbourne just recently to shoot the Winter catalogue, and film some clips for an upcoming project. I was there for 4 days. We did a “Alex Hiam” appearance at the Shed indoor skatepark as well which was a really good turn out. So many BMXers and a huge scene there. It amazing me how many people turned up to ride.

the next month I will be riding everyday, filming and getting ready for the year of travels ahead. I can not wait.

Thanks for the support, check my Instagram for some fresh new riding videos. @alexhiam




February 21, 2015

Brandon Van Dulken update

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Yo guys!

Just wrapping up a little camping/riding trip down the coast and central Oregon. So awesome how inexpensive it is to cruise around and see all of this cool stuff and yet we’re only just breaking the surface. Great to break the gloomy Vancouver routine with some sunshine. Great times!




February 20, 2015

Clint Millar’s 40th birthday weekend

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Last July was my 40th birthday & I wanted to do something special for it. So we headed over to Stradebroke Island just off the coast of Brisbane for a few days. There are a few cool parks over there & an old bowl that I hadn’t ridden for at least 20 years. The weather was amazing & it was a great way to see my 40th birthday in with great mates & family. I couldn’t ask for a better day, thanks to all that came over.

A little late but better than never, here is the video from the day. Thanks again to all those that came over, rode, hung out & partied the day/night away.

Thanks to Jesse Breen & Glen McLaughlin for filming & Cooper Brownlee for editing.

Justin Care clips

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Justin and his friend Jim Borio session the Black Diamond park hard. Justin comes through with some really technical lines and throw in a flip fake for good measure…

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