July 26, 2014

Ohio Dreams

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Last week I was lucky enough to go to Ohio Dreams camp and enjoy 4 days out there. The reason I went out was for the 3rd stop of the Recon tour, I’m a huge supporter of Recon because it’s one of the only good organized AM comps going on around America. These top AM are amazing and the future of bmx so I want to keep my eyes on things and help them when I can. I did two Guettler boot camps to help riders with runs and tricks and just have a good time, plus I announced the event on Saturday. While I was at the comp it was my Birthday so I rode the race track and trails all day and was one of the best days this year. If you want to check out the video of the event hit this link

Thanks guys, check out more of what I’m up to via ryanguettler.com



July 25, 2014

It’s on tomorrow !!

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The Back In The Day BMX Jam is on tomorrow from midday at Beenleigh. See you there !!


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July 24, 2014

Out in the cold

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I spent the day hanging out with Polly and Liam earlier this week as Liam was over from New Zealand on a riding holiday. We hit up a few parks and spots in freezing conditions but the rain stayed away so all in all it was a good day…



July 23, 2014

Product Highlight – Official Stem

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Quick video showcasing Ryan Guettler‘s signature Official Stem, You can get more info about the stem here. The Official Stem is available worldwide in a variety of colours.

Thanks to B0NNAZ for the track.

July 22, 2014

Millar in Coppin’ It Sweet

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Stewart Munro just posted up Millar’s section from his Coppin’ It Sweet DVD online for all to check out again.

Mick Bayzand update

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Just thought I would check in quickly and let you know what’s been going on with me. I have been out filming for a new edit as much as I can (weather permitting) which has been very on and off here in Melbs. Also keep an eye out for a little plaza video in the works.


July 21, 2014

Canadian Concrete 2014

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Another great event put on by the guys at Kill Em Distro who kill it for us up in Canada. It’s great to see a distro give back to BMX like they do.

Look out for a couple clips from our man, Brandon Van Dulken in the mix. Check it out !!

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Alex Hiam update

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Hey Guys !!

The last week has flown by. Unfortunately I lost my licence, and have worked close to 40 hours this week at the Cafe. The bright side of the 10km ride to work is In 6 degrees early in the morning it really warms you up like nothing else. I am saving all my work money towards a huge next year to goto all the contests like Fise in france, Nass in england etc, It’s going to be bananas !!

It’s awesome to be back home riding close to everyday again. I have riden a bunch this week in-between work and feeling amazing on my bike. There’s a few videos over on my instagram @alexhiam


July 20, 2014

Flatland Fracas this week.

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We are supporting the Flatland Fracas happening this week over in Massachusetts on July 20th so be sure to hit it up if you are in the area.


July 19, 2014

Fuzzy Hall riding a Colony !!

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When Keith Treanor told me that Fuzzy Hall wanted to ride a Colony a few weeks back I was pretty stoked to say the least. We recently fired up a package with a The Living Frame & a Dagger Fork with some other goodies for Fuzzy through the great guys at 50/50 BMX. It’s pretty awesome to have a such a BMX legend riding a Colony. Thanks to Fuzzy himself, 50/50 BMX & Keith for making it all happen. Stoked !!


Yo yo !!

Brandon KEA trip

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Hey guys, I just wrapped up the Killemall trip all around Alberta and northern B.C. Some of the spots and scenery we hit were mind blowing! 10 days on the road flew by and we managed a nice balance between riding/driving/chilling. Every time awesome trips like these happen it really reminds you how rad the BMX community is. New friends and memories. That’s what this shit’s all about!



July 18, 2014

Back In The Day Jam…. Beenleigh

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Just like back in the day, there will be a relaxed session planned at Beenleigh for all to enjoy. Come along & have a great afternoon at Australia’s most iconic BMX park. So much history has gone down on this park. It should be a great day of riding & talking about BMX now & in the past.

So come along next Saturday from midday, the 26th of July, for a great day in the QLD sunshine.


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Nathan Sykes and Locals Only.

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DIY is something I am passionate about so when I see Nathan doing good things with Locals Only and then find out how much of it he is doing himself it only gets you more stoked on the brand. Dylan Pfohl put together this insight video into Locals Only which is a real good watch for all…

Vert session

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Our main man running the show for us in the states Keith Treanor, has been killing it in the office & on the bike of late. Somehow he finds time to get in plenty of sessions on a regular basis, including this backyard vert one with some legends. Here are a few words from the man himself…

Here’s a couple pics of Nathan Sykes riding Xavier Mendez’s vert ramp today shot by Randy Lawrence, the kid has some vert skills. Also attached is a sweet group pic mixing old & new school dudes like Brian Blyther, Nathan, Xavier Mendez, Andy Shohara, Randy Lawrence, Ben Snowden, Austin Coleman, Paul Nolan & Robert Castillo. Nathan also snapped a pic of my old ass! – Keith





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July 17, 2014

Vans Demo

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A few words from Ryan Guettler for you all…

Today was really cool I was invited to go into Vans Warehouse and do some demos for the Kids who parents work at Vans. I really enjoy doing theses because I know how hard the guys and girls at Vans work, I bet their kids go home today thinking there Mum or Dad have the best job in the world.

I got to ride the demo on the Vans ramp in the back with Dak Roach and Caio De Oliveira Sousa who is staying at my house, Amazing kid from Brazil. Demos went amazing, every kid loves backflips and being bunny hopped over.

Every kid got some Vans shirts, pizza, ice cream, some hi fives and even a hand full of Colony stickers each…Good times.

On side note… Happy birthday to Ryan today who turns 31 years young today !! Hope you have a good one mate !!




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July 16, 2014

The Shed finals this Sunday

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The Shed finals is on this Sunday !! BMX starts at 4pm… should be a be a great day for sure !! You can expect to see the poster boy, Dean Anderson there shredding as always.

SHED COMP BMX 2013 Poster

Yo yo !!

Product highlight – Pinnacle & Pintour Wheel Sets

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Our Pinnacle (front) & Pintour (rear) wheel sets have been rolling out the door faster than we can build them since they’ve been launched.

Featuring our front specific Pinnacle Rim laced to our Wasp Front hub & our Pintour Rim in the rear laced to our very popular (& for good reason, they roll so fast & sound so good) Wasp Cassette Hub. They are available in either all Black or with Rainbow hubs.

Of course, you can also buy the rims & hubs seperately & build up your own custom wheel set.

Check them all out at Colony dealers around the planet right now.







Yo yo !!

July 15, 2014

Nathan Sykes update

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Hey guys, I just spent the last week doing Photo VIP at Woodward. Had a blast shooting photos for them and hanging out with kids and riding. Larry, Victor and I had a room together and had way too much fun. I also shot this photo of Victor.

Thanks to Larry Edgar for the photos of Nathan.






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