October 24, 2012

Jourdan in Texas

Filed under: Barba,Road Trips — Cooper @ 1:16 am

Jourdan took a trip out to Texas recently, here is what went down…

Just took a road trip up to Austin, TX from Riverside, CA recently with Larry Alvarado ,Dan Norvell and Ryan Costa and we had a blast! I wasn’t able to enter the Texas Toast contest because it was too full by the time i got there. We had fun cruising around with the locals Jabari Winters and Hersh Patel and we also ended up staying at their house. Thanks a lot for letting us stay with you guys. I ended up going to jail the first night in Austin for partying a little too hard, but it wasn’t too much of a big deal considering that I was able to get out the next morning. Hurt my hand that weekend at the local house skate park so i was not able to do too much filming due to this injury. Over all it was a good time and I’d love to do it again some day. Thanks Colony for helping me get out there.

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