November 13, 2012

Glen checking in from the states…

Filed under: Random News,Road Trips — Millar @ 12:49 am

Glen McLaughlin our warehouse manager, has been away for 5 weeks now with another week to go on a mammoth trip around the states with the infamous Mark Schneider. Here is a little update on their travels…

My trips been going so good, seen so much cool stuff and ridden some amazing spots. We were going through Iowa yesterday and found this gas station called Colony Point. Had to get a photo of it. I attached a couple other pics too. One was from Ray’s MTB park in Cleveland. Place was crazy, anything from fun MTB trails to rhythm box jumps to bowls to weird quarters so big I even got lost on one trail took me a few minutes to find my way back to the front ha ha. On our way to Vegas now for the weekend then grand canyon then back to LA and home sweet home! Talk soon, Glenny.

Yo yo !!

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